Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How Might Social Security Be Changed to Accomodate Future Generations?

Back in 2005, Paul Solman--economics editor for PBS's NewsHour--filed this marvelous three-part series about possible avenues for Social Security reform. If you want a thoughtful video introduction to the heart of the problem, there really is no better resource of which I am aware.

The three segments examined each of the following possible alternatives:

1) Raising the retirement age
2) Lifting the cap on payroll taxes
3) Reducing retirement benefits

Friday, February 10, 2012

Calling All Undergrads: IHS Weekend at Rhodes College

If you are a current undergraduate student, I hope you will join me, fellow authors Bryan Caplan and Jason Brennan, and host and blogger for Forbes Art Carden for our IHS Weekend Exploring Liberty at Rhodes College in Memphis from Friday, Feb. 24, at 3 pm until Sunday, Feb 26, at 3 pm.

There is no cost to attend. All materials, meals, and snacks are provided at the seminar. Participants must arrange their own housing. Visit this link for a list of area hotels; say that you are visiting Rhodes and you should get some kind of discount.

Follow this link for more info and to apply. Deadline to apply is Friday, Feb. 17.