Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Are You Reading?: "Economics in Christian Perspective"

From J.R. Durden, correspondent for the Lakeland Ledger:
Hubert Lau, 22
What Are You Reading?

Economics in Christian Perspective: Theory, Policy, and Life Choices
By Victor Claar and Robin Klay

Hubert Lau, 22, picked up this economics textbook for a college economics class. The book, said the Lakeland resident, asks straightforward questions about the effectiveness of charitable giving to non-profit and non-governmental organizations, like OxFam and World Vision, that give aid to third-world countries. 'We send money over to those countries, but nothing changes. They are still poor,' he said.

This story appeared in print on page D10.

I'd love hearing from Mr. Lau. (UPDATE: Mr. Lau and I have since connected through facebook.  Where else?)

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