Monday, August 16, 2010

The Shape of the Recovery?

From CFO:  Eight economists debate what the recovery will look like.
Russ Banham - CFO Magazine

Much of the recent talk about an economic recovery concerns what shape it will take — literally. Will the plunge and rebound conform to the "V" shape that described the 1973–74 recession, be akin to the "U"-shaped recovery seen after the 1981–82 recession, or sputter into the dreaded "W" — twin recessions (the much-discussed "double dip") that keep the economy on the ropes for years?

We asked eight leading economists to get graphical with us and describe what shape they believe will ultimately win out. We present them here in descending order of optimism, if for no other reason than because to do the reverse would guarantee that you don't finish reading the article. And we give the last word to one economist who offers a refreshing dose of humility regarding his profession's ability to predict what lies ahead.


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