Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring commencement 2010

Spring commencement 2010
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I delivered this year's traditional faculty charge to the graduating class at the combined commencement exercises for the School of Business and the Teachers College, Henderson. Thanks to Steve Fellers for the nice photo. It was my great pleasure.

Hmmm . . . Should I dress like this for class?


  1. Congratulations, Victor! Will you be posting your remarks? And I definitely think you should dress like that to teach class!

  2. Sure, I can do that, Jim. But be aware that my remarks served two purposes. First, they were designed to be a stand-alone charge to the graduates. In the talk I challenged students to rejoice over the problems that success brings, since the problems that success brings are usually a much nicer set of problems to have -- problems that most people would love to be blessed with.

    But second, since the faculty charge is traditionally followed by a student response from one of the graduates, the student and I had earlier conspired together to -- between us -- tell the classic brick-dog-cigar joke. So my other task in crafting my talk was to serve as the student's "straight man" with my speech, in order to set her up to tell the punch like as part of hers.

    If you're not familiar with this two part joke, here's the brick story, and here is its airplane story follow-up--normally told as though it has nothing to do with the first story.

    I'm happy to say the student received a marvelous laugh--something that can be rare at commencement exercises during speeches.