Sunday, February 14, 2010

Steve Landsburg on Child Labor

In a recent post, economist Steven Landsburg, author of The Big Questions, gives his take on the cruelty of rich Westerners who take on child labor in poor nations. Here's a bit:
Back in 1992, a ten year old Bangladeshi girl named Moyna was one of 50,000 children who lost their jobs in the wake of protectionist legislation sponsored by the execrable union-backed Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa. How does Moyna feel about Americans now? “They loathe us, don’t they?”, she says. “We are poor and not well educated, so they simply despise us. That is why they shut the factories down.” (The quote is from this report by the Bangladeshi activist Shahidul Alam.)

Probably Moyna’s only half right. Tom Harkin doesn’t loathe her; he just doesn’t give a damn about her. . . .
More (HT: Cafe Hayek)

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