Friday, January 8, 2010

MIT's Jonathan Gruber on Federal Payroll for $300K While Defending Health Care Reform

MIT economist Jonathan Gruber has frequently been cited as a "go to" academic defender of health care reform.

But today Megan McArdle, writing for the Atlantic, reports that Gruber has been receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from the current administration:

MIT economist Jonathan Gruber has become the go-to economist for fans of the health care reform wending its way through congress. He regularly produces analyses showing how great reform is going to be for people buying insurance in the individual market, and has been a vocal advocate for the excise tax. His prominence made him a natural lead-in for Ron Brownstein's recent piece on the health care bill for Atlantic Politics. . . .

But he probably wouldn't have been cited with quite the same authority--particularly by mainstream media--if he'd been more upfront about the fact that he's being paid almost $300,000 by the Obama Administration for "special studies and analysis" of the health care bills, as a blogger on Firedoglake revealed last night. . . .


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