Monday, January 11, 2010

Howard Zinn, the Powerlessness of the Consumer, and the 25 Biggest Product Flops of All Time

In an essay titled, "How Democratic Is America?," found in the edited volume, Points of View, historian Howard Zinn writes about
" . . . the powerlessness of the American people to participate in economic decision-making, which affects his [sic] life at every moment. As a consumer, that is, as the person for whom the economy is presumably intended to serve, he has virtually nothing to say about what is produced for him. The corporations make what is profitable; the advertising industry persuades him to buy what corporations produce. He becomes the passive victim of the misallocation of resources, the production of dangerous commodities, the spoiling of his air, water, forests, beaches, and cities."
Perhaps Professor Zinn would be encouraged to know about the 25 Biggest Product Flops of All Time. And they don't even have Surge soda on the list!

Hmmm . . . wonder whether Coca-Cola could get a government contract to supply "Surge" to the military in Iraq or Afghanistan . . .

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