Friday, December 25, 2009

Weighing Carefully the Anticipated Benefits and Opportunity Costs of College

This second segment from 20/20 encourages students and their parents to weigh carefully the anticipated benefits against the opportunity costs of pursuing a college degree.

The video makes the point that undergraduate education is not a guarantee of gainful employment or a wage premium, especially in the short term. So choose your major wisely!


  1. Merry Christmas Dr. Claar!

    One thing I would add for college students everywhere - college major can help but won't make things happen, hard work after school does. You can quickly move up and get paid better no matter your major, just be willing to do anything and everything for a company or business. Nothing is below you - you have no experience. College can prepare but not teach you all that you need.

  2. Well said, Tim. I really couldn't agree more. And that's one of the reasons it's so crucial for students who opt for college to take advantage of it as a "proving ground" for their professional lives. Student will prove to themselves--and others--that they can do things like work as a team (even with difficult team members!), pursue and achieve goals, take on challenges, communicate clearly, turn work in on time, etc.