Thursday, October 15, 2009

"TANSTAAFL" Makes It Into a Letter to the Editor

A nice note from my mother arrived in the mail today. I'm lucky: I have a mom that still goes to the trouble to write notes to me by hand, rather than email. I treasure each one.

In most notes she sends along clippings of articles she has run across that she thinks will interest me. She is a voracious reader--of everything. In today's envelope, along with a very nice note and another clipping, I found a letter to the editor she'd snipped from the Star Press of Muncie, Indiana.

Moms know their sons, don't they? If you have any doubt, check out the letter:
No free lunch

JIM ARNOLD • Muncie • October 4, 2009

It was early in my student career at BSU [Ball State] when I enrolled in Econ 101. The first day of class, our long-haired economics professor strolled confidently into the classroom and inscribed TANSTAAFL on the chalk board. TANSTAAFL, he claimed, was the fundamental theory of economics.

Being a little wet behind the ears, I fell for his spiel hook, line and sinker. I pondered the language of origin of this odd sounding word . . . .

(More -- Hat tip: Mom)

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