Friday, September 18, 2009

Policy Views of Members of the American Economic Association: Results of a New Survey

Interesting study from the American Institute for Economic Research: "The Policy Views of American Economic Association Members: The Results of a New Survey," by Wake Forest's Robert Whaples.

I have pulled out the propositions with which at least seven out of every ten economists broadly agree, simplifying the language in some cases. You should check the original for the exact propositions, as well as the proportions agreeing.

Here are propositions, then, with which at least 7 out of every 10 economists broadly agree:
  • The US should eliminate remaining tariffs and other barriers to trade.
  • The US should not ban genetically-modified crops.
  • Employers in the US should not be required to provide health insurance to ALL their employees.
  • The US should allow payments to organ donors and their families.
  • A Wal-Mart store typically generates more benefits to society than costs.
  • Economic growth in developed countries like the US leads to greater levels of well-being.
(Hat-tip: Michael Kruse)

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