Monday, June 15, 2009

Acton University 2009

Acton University 2009 opens tomorrow evening, Tuesday, June 16, and I'm especially looking forward to this year's event. While I will again serve on the faculty--as in past years--as well as be at a book signing on Friday afternoon, this is the first year that I will also participate as a student for the entire week.

Here's my self-designed curriculum:

Tuesday, June 16

Thoughts on Human Dignity, Fr. Robert Sirico

Wednesday, June 17

Session 1:
Christian Anthropology, Samuel Gregg
Session 2:
Limited Government and the Rule of Law, Michael Miller
Session 3: The Economic Way of Thinking, Jennifer Roback Morse
Session 4:
Myths about the Market, Philip Booth
Dinner Lecture: The American Founding and Natural Law, Robbie George

Thursday, June 18

Session 5:
Introduction to Protestant Social Thought, Stephen Grabill
Session 6: Poverty in the Developing World, Michael Miller
Session 7: Why Keynesianism Failed, Victor V. Claar (Teaching)
Session 8: Social Gospel and Protestant Liberalism, Anthony Bradley
Dinner Lecture:
Brian Wesbury

Friday, June 19

Session 9:
Black Liberation Theology, Anthony Bradley
Session 10: Radical Orthodoxy, John Schneider
Session 11: Lutheran Social Thought, Jordan Ballor
Session 12: Faculty Panel Discussions
Dinner Lecture:
Piety and Technique, Fr. Robert Sirico

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  1. Hope you have a great time. I've really enjoyed my times Acton U.