Friday, April 10, 2009

Caveat Comestor: Fifth-Third Burger a Hit, Bears No Warning Label

In a West Michigan story that garnered some surprising national media attention, a local minor-league ballpark opened the season by unveiling the Fifth-Third Burger.

Because of its 5/3 pounds of beef--not to mention the toppings of cheese, chili, chips, etc.--the 4,800-calorie monster has caused quite a stir. It even motivated Susan Levin, a staff nutritionist from the Physicians Center for Responsible Medicine, to write the ballpark, requesting that the burger bear a label stating that "eating meat is associated with increased risk of heart disease, cancer and death," and also requesting that the burger not be sold to anyone younger than 18. The team's director of marketing politely declined to affix the warning.

Sales were strong on opening day at Fifth Third Ballpark, home to the Class A West Michigan Whitecaps. Seventeen fans even managed to devour the entire monstrosity.

And I'm guessing all 17 know that eating a chili-cheeseburger with 1.67 pounds of ground beef is never a healthy option.

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