Saturday, March 7, 2009

Worth Checking Out: Kruse Kronicle

Michael Kruse is a small business consultant living in Kansas City, Missouri. He describes his always-provocative blog, Kruse Kronicle, as "commentary and reflection on ministry and culture in the twilight of Western Christendom."

Mr. Kruse holds both an MBA and a master's degree in sociology, and is currently writing a book that integrates business and economics with faith. He also serves as vice-chair of the General Assembly Council of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

He has a great sense of humor. Here's his list of interests:
history, digital photography, writing, technology, soccer, jesus, emerging culture, road trips, practical theology, economic issues, urban hiking, presbyterian pcusa, annoying the cat, annoying presbyterians


  1. Thanks for the link, Victor. It is always refreshing to find someone who thinks I have a good sense of humor. :-) I love the your blog!