Wednesday, March 25, 2009

EU President Charges US Economic Strategy Paves "Road to Hell"

Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek minced no words Wednesday. Without spin or nuance, the Czech leader--currently serving as EU president in their six-month rotating system--made clear the contrast between the current economic strategies of the US and the EU. Addressing the European parliament, Topolanek asserted that the US strategy is the "road to hell." Topolanek did not stop there. According to CNN:
"The path the United States has chosen is historically discredited," he said, advising Americans to "read dusty history books" so as to avoid repeating "the errors of the 1930s" and the Great Depression.
Now, maybe the Czech leader was just smarting from a no-confidence vote (101-96) in the Czech parliament one day earlier, forcing his resignation. Nevertheless, his words make clearer still the Transatlantic conflict of economic visions the G-20 must face in April. And the EU is working hard to manage the fallout from the comments.

Here's a CNN report:

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